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Are you a Parent or Student that needs help with college prep?

Going to college is a major step. Planning for it is a bit uncertain. There are so many details that are important. The absence of knowledge can cost missed opportunities. 

This is a wonderful detailed and comprehensive guide

"Mentoring Students effectively in the steps towards college" provides a much needed detailed resource for the High School student AND parent as a guide through the uncertain waters of college preparation and application. It is a clear, yet comprehensive tool that can be used to assist during this time. From tips while still in High School to definition of terms that are used frequently during this process, Dr. Barnett clarifies the mystery. 


This comprehensive information is necessary for students as they enter high school and plan for college, especially if they are the first in their family to apply for college. 

Dr. Barnett is a passionate advocate for our young people to succeed no matter what they choose to focus on; college,career or military. Building relationships is the most important tool that we have, so please use her expertise and easy going nature to help yourself through!

Genobia Babalola

Guidance Counselor 

Lithia Springs High School

This book is so precise and informative! Even the most experienced parent can stand to learn something that WAS  overlooked.Even though this book was a reality checkfor some of us,it will be an awesome read at first for some of use less experienced at sending a child to college. However, it is a definite assesing tool,as I found it to be " Guidance in detail"... I truly enjoyed the read, Dr. Klaw ! 

Connie Walker


High School Graduating 

Senior 2018

There is a certain mystic that surrounds the college application process tht is both daunting for the student and the parents. This book is a guide that will help BOTH student and parents get through the application process, the acceptance and the ENTIRE four years of college. The book takes the reader from inaction to action, by providing thoughtful, knowledgeable and timely information on the entire "how-to"get into and graduate from the college of your choice.

Gwyndolyn Parker


Up by the Bootstraps,Inc.

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Bulk Orders Available

Are you looking to purchase this book for your student body or High School Junior and Seniors? Bulk pricing is available based on quantity.

Have Dr. Barnett speak at YOUR School!

Dr. Barnett is available to speak to your students  AND Parents in reference to navigating through the college application experience.  Don't wait until it is too late to get started; your NEVER too early to gather information! 

Where do I start?

Order the book! Become armed with the information to assist your child in becoming successful. Unfortunately, missed opportunities occur because of the lack of knowledge This book arms you with information so  that you will be in the position to take advantage of resources available on a TIMELY basis. 

Additional Information


About the Author

Dr. Claudia Barnett, also known as the " MentoringGuru" shares her mentoring expertise on this level that is so necessary. A Mother of three, Dr. Barnett has had graduating Seniors in the years ranging from 2000-2017. Her practical experience is priceless, and she shares some of those details with you.  Pulling from her skills as a Mentor, Counselor, Professor, Doctoral Mentor and Performance Improvement Technologist, her desire for educational excellence is evident. As you walk through these pages, you will not be alone. You have a mentor with you. 

She is the Author of 4 other books, 

The Dissertation Process: A step by Step mentored Guide ( Book & Workbook)

Does it matter Who? A Gender perspective on Mentoring

These 3 books are available on : www.thedissertationprocess.com

My Decision to become Vegan: a mentored journey 

(available on the 1st  Product page of this website) .

Dr. Barnett is a conference speaker and is available to speak with your organization.  Please review this website in full detail to gather the products and services available. 

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Sharing this knowledge is NOT limited to the school environment. If you are a part of an organization that will find this information helpful, contact us.  Dr. Barnett  can and will be available to speak at your community events, churches and small groups. Call us for further details.